Delta 8 in skincare… is it a thing?

Written by Lisa Rennie

Cannabis compounds like CBD and THC are nothing new to the world of skincare, but what about Delta-8? Is Delta-8 skincare a “thing” these days?

Delta-8 THC is gaining wide recognition as being “THC lite”; that is, its high is much less pronounced and mild compared to Delta-9 THC. But in addition to promoting relaxation when consumed, Delta-8 may also play a role in promoting healthy skin and is increasingly being used in skincare products and routines.

Delta-8’s role in healthy skin stems from its potential to curb inflammation. [1] Studies on this cannabis compound are still in their infancy, so we’re still learning more about it. That said, inflammation on a cellular level can lead to a host of skin issues, and there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that Delta-8 may help to alleviate this discomfort.

Like Delta-9, Delta-8 also binds to cannabinoid receptors in the body to induce specific effects. In addition to consuming it orally, applying Delta-8 directly to the skin as a topical agent may help to promote healthier skin and calm inflammation-based skin conditions. When Delta-8 binds to these cannabinoid receptors in the skin, it may help to regulate the inflammatory response.

It’s these anti-inflammatory properties that explain why Delta-8 may be useful in skincare and target certain skin conditions, including the following:

Eczema. This skin condition is characterized by dry and flaky skin, coupled with irritation and itchiness. It is often chronic, and certain conditions can aggravate it, such as hormonal changes, stress, and changes in diet. Since it’s an inflammatory skin condition, Delta-8 may help to calm its symptoms.

Psoriasis. Similar to eczema, psoriasis can be even more extreme and cover much of the body. This condition can be painful and very difficult to hide given the larger surface area of the skin that it often covers. Again, psoriasis is inflammatory, which is an issue that Delta-8 may target with some success.

Acne. Breakouts in the skin result from inflammation, which leads to red bumps that are tender to the touch in addition to being somewhat unsightly. Acne is treated topically, and products infused with Delta-8 can be a potential solution.

Rashes. A rash can be caused by a myriad of things, such as infections, allergies, medications, heat, certain plants, and immune system disorders. In cases where a rash is caused by an inflammatory response, a topical agent infused with Delta-8 may help.

Like CBD, Delta-8 will be more likely to show results if applied on a regular basis. And while research is still somewhat limited on Delta-8 and its effect on the skin, what we already know about cannabis compounds and their effect on inflammation gives Delta-8 some promise in skincare.


Image: stevepb via pixabay



1- Thapa, D., et al, “The Cannabinoids Δ8THC, CBD, and HU-308 Act via Distinct Receptors to Reduce Corneal Pain and Inflammation“, Cannabis Cannabinoid Res., February 2018; Vol.3(1): 11–20.


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