Marketing Your Delta-8 Products… Top 10 Tips

Written by Denise Recalde

You have to dance around a lot of regulations when marketing Delta-8 products, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel so long as you follow our top 10 marketing tips:


1 – Educate Your Customers

The keystone strategy to your marketing, in order to stay within regulations, is to educate your customers. Put on your teacher hat and deign to present all the information and benefits you can muster on Delta-8 products, such as its calming therapeutic effects. [1]


2 – Use Influencers

Turn to influencers – people who have community leagues of fans and followers online in relevant industries — to help you touch base with potential consumers and educate them on intriguing topics, say, the History of Cannabinoids. [2]


3 – Send Free Products

Have the influencer give away free Delta-8 products on offer by your company in order to keep your marketing organic – definitely leverage the audience’s enthusiasm for the influencer.


4 – Watch Out for “Bot” Fans

In your quest for a bonafide influencer, you’ll stumble across pages, accounts or users that call for payment to promote your posts. These may be catering to “bot” — aka: fake – followers, which means engagement will be low, so be careful.


5 – Use Affiliates

Work with affiliate publishers to optimize sales on your website. You truly get good bang for your buck when you pay for affiliate fees, because they are wholly performance-based.


6 – Your Client-Nabbing “Net” Must Work

Make sure the full gamut of your conversion and retention strategies is working in apple-pie order so that you lose no customers from your marketing efforts.


7 – Spring for Outdoor Marketing

To stay in keeping with the law, turn to “old-school” methods like billboards, flyers and signage that, though traditional, are terrific for boosting awareness of the brand of your Delta-8 products.


8 – Podcast Advertising

Without burning a hole in your pocket, an ad on a major podcast can cement your brand in the minds of listeners and get them curious about your line of Delta-8 products. Tie your product messages with popular, trending subjects, such as COVID-19. [3]


9 – Varied Content is King

Vary up your marketed content offerings with answers to FAQ, to novelty educational topics, to cannabis-as-medicine factoids: the works. [4] The broader the diversity of your messages, the likelier you’ll hit a note with customers.


10 – Work with Pro-Cannabis Marketers

There are cannabinoid marketers out there who know what they’re doing, and have plenty of marketing experience to offer. Combine your in-house marketing methods with their strategies for greater profits.



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