Is Delta-8-THC The Superior Version of THC?

Written by Petar Petrov

Superior is a strong word. Definitive. And therefore, not really the word to use when comparing Delta-8-THC and THC.

But that doesn’t mean Delta-8-THC is not superior to THC for some people and some cases, or perhaps even for a lot of both.

The Case for Delta-8-THC

Superiority in this conversation is subjective, but what isn’t is the niche need that Delta-8-THC fills – the one for a milder, more benevolent and functional version of THC, largely devoid of side effects like paranoia, anxiety, and mind rice, which makes for a tradeoff that simply isn’t worth it for some rookies and people, prone to these conditions, THC-rich strains, especially the time bomb types, and THC extracts can be super tricky and offer very little margin for error – one puff and you’re fine, borderline sober even, two puffs and you’re being plagued by existential dread or nagging thoughts about some silly comment you made in 5th grade.

In fact, many people consider Delta-8-THC to be the happy medium between THC and CBD, blending the fun of THC with the calmness of CBD. That’s a proposition that many CBD lovers would probably be intrigued by, they might find in Delta-8-THC what they’ve been missing in CBD without even knowing so.

Last but not least, a large body of anecdotal evidence suggests that Delta-8-THC leans on the sativa side of the spectrum, giving a nice, little boost of mental and physical energy, focus, creativity, and good mood. This arguably makes Delta-8-THC even more versatile and even universal, like a nice cup of coffee with a little something extra.

The Case for THC

With all that being said, THC will always have a special place in die-hard cannabis lovers’ hearts. This target audience usually wants the full experience, the whole nine yards. Sure, even they might find Delta-8-THC to be more suitable on a Tuesday night before a busy, adult Wednesday, but it’s hard to imagine that they would replace THC altogether.

And why should they, or anyone, substitute THC for Delta-8-THC definitively? Some might definitely benefit from doing so, but in general, it’s not a matter of either/or situation. On the contrary, the two isomers have their own, separate lanes, making for a smooth ride on the road of functional cannabis enthusiasm.

So, in short, is Delta-8-THC the superior version of THC? It depends who you ask, it’s subjective. What’s objective, however, is that Delta-8-THC is an alternative version of THC.

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