Delta-8 Testimonies and Experiences

Written by Petar Petrov

Scientific research on Delta-8-THC is still very scarce and infant. But anecdotal evidence and user testimonies, not so much. It’s only natural that most people turn to them to get an idea of what to expect from the novel cannabinoid.

This first thought of Delta-8-THC is practically bound to be regarding its potency and how it stacks up against the one of its more famous isomer, Delta-9-THC, a.k.a. THC. We actually have something a little more solid than anecdotal evidence to judge from – an actual study, on a human subject at that. It estimated that Delta-8-THC’s potency, compared to Delta-9-THC’s, “as judged following both oral and intravenous administration,” is 2:3. [1]

Indeed, most anecdotal evidence backs this up, with most users placing Delta-8-THC potency in the ballpark of 50-66% of the one of THC.

But potency, as in brute force, by far doesn’t tell the full story of Delta-8-THC as its own cannabinoid, its own proposition.

A large body of anecdotal evidence points to a fundamental difference in the actual nature of the two isomers’ effects.

Delta-8-THC’s high appears to be milder, gentler, smoother, cleaner, largely devoid of the notorious side effects of THC overconsumption – anxiety, paranoia, looping thoughts. That doesn’t go to say that Delta-8-THC poses no risk of these side effects whatsoever, it still carries those “genes” in its DNA, but the chances of manifesting them are much slimmer – more than twice slimmer compared to THC, despite the difference in potency being no more than twofold.

If the THC high is a can of energy drink you chug down, the Delta-8-THC experience is a cup of coffee you sip on throughout the day, breezing through your workload in a dreamy, yet clear-headed flow state.

Both provide that distinctive kick we all know and love cannabis for, but Delta-8-THC is like a carrying sparring partner that takes the sting off to protect you, while THC is a wild card that can get carried away, knock you out, and make you question your love for the game altogether.



  1. Hollister et al, Delta-8- and delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol; Comparison in man by oral and intravenous administration, Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, May 1973; Impact Factor = 7.266; Times Cited = 38

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