Cannabis Company As-Fck Creates Federally-Legal Delta 9 THC Gummies

Written by Derek Johnson

In the still-young cannabis market, innovation is powerful took for businesses to survive and evolve. Take the company As-Fck. They’ve come up with a legal way to sell Delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (D9 THC) gummies nationwide.

Federally, hemp and its derivatives can be sold and consumed legally nationwide, as long as the hemp or derivative never contains more than .03% D9 THC. This stipulation is essentially a way of preventing the inadvertent or intentional distribution and selling of D9 THC, and it has more or less functioned as Congress intended.

However, the cannabusiness As-Fck has discovered a way to sell D9 THC gummies legally nationwide. According to a press release, As-Fck’s lead gummy product, pomegranate flavored gummies, contain 5mg of D9 THC but less than .03% D9 THC, and they are derived from hemp that contains less than .03% D9 THC, which makes them perfectly legal.

As-Fck produces its gummies through a proprietary method that requires hours of laboratory work and specialized equipment. Eventually, the company expects to be producing gummies containing 10 and 15 milligrams of D9 THC.

The process, which involves intensive biomass testing, extractions, and cleaning, is likened in the press release to a game changer, and it truly is if it allows the production and sale of D9 THC products without running afoul of federal law.

Under the 2018 Farm Bill, not only must the hemp products contain less than .03% D9 THC, but the plants and biomass used to produce the extracts must also contain less than .03% D9 THC. In other words, at no time may a cannabusiness be in possession of products or materials that surpass the .03% threshold.

As-Fck’s press release makes it clear that the company does not violate the .03% rule and that their  products and processes are perfectly legal under federal law.

Image Source: https://as-fck.com/product/high-pomegranate-delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol-gummies/

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