What Are The Best Ways to Take Delta 8 THC?

Written by Antonio DeRose

Delta 8 tetrahydracannabidiol (D8) has been a hot topic of conversation for some time now, with no signs of slowing down. Despite being banned by certain states, the demand for D8 is continuing to increase. With so many people interested in trying or continuing to consume D8, there are several different product types you can choose from, and you may wonder if the best way to take D8 is.

Ultimately, there isn’t a best way to take D8 for everyone, so it mostly comes down to personal preference. D8 products are similar to other cannabis and hemp products that contain other cannabinoids like tetrahydracannabidiol (THC), cannabidiol (CBD). They’re similar in the sense that products infused with cannabinoids are infused with cannabinoid concentrates. Although the process for making D8 is a little different than THC or CBD extraction, it’s still a concentration process.

Once processed, D8 concentrates are then used to make everything from edibles and tinctures to topicals and vape cartridges. This is where your personal preference comes into play. Some people love edibles, while others prefer to vape, or just take a few drops of a tincture. Edibles come in a variety of forms and flavors, as do tinctures. You can get everything from D8 dummies and candies to chocolates and other foods. Then there’s vaping, which some people prefer to smoking flower. If you do choose to vape, make sure you read the labels to know what’s in your vape cartridge.

You might see some flower being sold as D8 flower. Chances are, the D8 is remarkably low and most likely a marketing ploy because D8 is not usually found in high percentages. This is another reason why D8 concentrates are used to make D8 products. In the end, you’re the one who decides the best ways to take D8 for your own personal reasons. If you’re new to D8 and thinking about trying it, weigh the pros and cons of D8 before deciding.

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