What is Actually in Delta 8 Vape Cartridges?

Written by Antonio DeRose

With so many states creating new laws to ban the production and sale of Delta 8 Tetrahydracannabidiol (D8), some may be questioning the safety of D8 products, like vape cartridges. With vape cartridges being such a convenient and discrete way to consume, it makes them very popular among several types of consumers. This popularity brings with it one very specific question, and that’s what is actually in a D8 vape cartridge?

Well, the answer is a little more complicated than just saying D8. Quality brands are going to have the ingredients listed on their products, including vape cartridges. Clearly, D8 is going to be listed as an ingredient, but even D8 itself can have other unknown components. The state of Oregon has admitted to seeing D8 analysis certificates stating 15% – 30% of the extract containing unknown materials, questioning the purity of D8 extracts all together.

In addition to these unknown components, there could also be other additives, including terpenes extracted from cannabis or other plants, or artificial flavors that are commonly used in the e-cigarette industry. There could also potentially be residual solvents or other materials leftover from the extraction process, making knowing how the D8 in your vape cartridge was extracted an important factor in understanding exactly what it’s your D8 cartridge.

On top of all this, what the vape cartridge is made of can also impact the contents. Glass, metal, and ceramic cartridges are preferred over plastic ones, as plastics can potentially leach chemicals. Having the right fitting parts can make a difference too. Loose-fitting parts can lead to exposure of the vape cartridge’s contents to contaminants in the air and the environment.

Ultimately, there can be a lot of potential things in a D8, or any other vape cartridge. This is why knowing what to look for to determine the safety of D8 products is so important. Looking at the list of ingredients provided by the manufacturer, finding out what the cartridge itself is made of, how the D8 was extracted, as well as publicly shared lab results of each product are the first places to start for finding out what is actually in D8 vape cartridges.

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