The Pros and Cons of D8

Written by Antonio DeRose

It seems like every week Delta 8 Tetrahydracannabidiol (D8) is being mentioned in news headlines. Many of those headline captions include words like “restricting”, “ban”, and “legal”. New York was one of the most recent states to ban D8, according to new regulations passed by the New York State Department of Health, and both Michigan and Texas look like they might be moving in the same direction. With all these states arguing about whether or not D8 should be legal, it brings into question what pros and cons there are to D8.

One of the biggest pros of D8 is that it is legal federally. Despite the choices of many states to ban the cannabinoid altogether, since D8 is derived from hemp, it remains legal at a federal level thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. On the other hand, the fact that D8 may not be legal in your state is an immediate con. However, many states still allow the manufacturing and sale of D8 products, and the probability that it will remain legal in a majority of states seems likely.

Legality aside, another major pro for D8 is that consumers report a similar euphoric sensation to Delta 9 Tetrahyrdacannabidiol (THC), without the same feelings of anxiety, paranoia, or overwhelm that is sometimes associated with consuming THC. This makes D8 great for those looking for the same relief THC provides but would prefer a softer touch to the senses, or for consumers who would prefer THC, but don’t have access to it legally because it’s still illegal in a few states.

THC is also known to cause drowsiness in high doses, whereas D8 is said to be more energizing. This can add a pro to the list for some, but for others, it could be considered a con. Some consumers prefer the more potent and drowsy effects of THC, and may not enjoy D8 in comparison for this reason. All in all, the pros and cons list for D8 is fairly limited to legality and personal preferences. If you’re in a state where THC is illegal and D8 is legal, then D8 may be a good alternative option.

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