2021 Delta 8 Conference

Written by Lisa Rennie

In just a few short months, MACE Media Group, in collaboration with 3CHI, will once again be presenting the Delta 8 Conference, the only expo in the world dedicated to delta-8 and minor cannabinoids.

Each year, MACE Media Group conferences draw over 80,000 people to connect within the cannabinoid realm across multiple cities. These conferences allow attendees to participate in training workshops, listen in on educational sessions, and network, among others in the space.

This year, the conference is taking place from August 27 to 28, 2021, in Orlando, Florida.


Two Events Rolled Into One

For a decade, the MACE Media Group has dedicated itself to educating about cannabinoids and the potential behind them. This year, the Delta 8 Conference will be an even more exciting event, as it will be tied to the 20th CBD Expo EAST, giving attendees the chance to take full advantage of all the education and training while connecting people to industry experts researchers, and scientists.

Attendees have the option to purchase 1- or 2-day tickets to explore exhibits and soak in the knowledge from experts presenting.


The Only Conference Dedicated to Delta 8

The Delta 8 Conference is the only conference to be explicitly committed to the cannabinoid Delta 8 THC. Renowned and recognized specialists within the cannabinoid industry will be presenting, while companies will showcase interactive demonstrations and exhibits on current products and techniques.


This Year’s Conference Will Be Live

Thanks to the State of Florida’s loosening mandates surrounding COVID-19 measures, the show will be live. We’ve gained approval to move forward with the conference from the state and the County of Orange, the City of Orlando, and the Rosen Corporation.

We will be following strict protocols to ensure the safety of all exhibitors and attendees through the use of temperature checks at doors, mask requirements, hand sanitizing stations, physical distancing measures, and crowd control.

Anyone looking to learn more about cannabinoids and extraction and network with others will find this year’s Delta 8 Conference and CBD Expo East an extremely valuable experience. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to check out the latest in the cannabinoid spectrum, network with industry experts, and be a part of the advancement in solutions within the cannabis industry.

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