How To Store D8

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Recently, there has been some talk about a possible Delta-8-THC ban, as the Forbes puts it, “this may all go up in smoke.” We hinted at this in our previous post on the US Hemp Round Table views on D8.

Needless to say, this has precipitated panic buying in the market. Those selling D8 are scrambling to sell as much as possible while consumers are rushing to buy as much D8 as they can.

If you are a consumer, it’s good enough to stock up on your D8 stash. However, this may not keep for as long as you want it to. And it will be such a waste to have to throw out your D8 edibles after spotting some random mold on them.

D8, like other cannabinoids, may come in different forms. On the high street, you may come across D8 cartridges at great discounts. Online stores will offer a wide range of D8 products. Edibles are a popular choice, especially among the lower demographics. Delta 8 flowers also have a following, especially among more experienced users. D8 tinctures and concentrates are also readily available.

These cannabinoid-based products will keep for different durations.  Concentrates are bound to save for longer, while edibles and flowers may hold for a shorter duration. However, this is affected by the quality of the product and how it is stored. Even the best-prepared concentrate may not survive a month if stored in an open jar and exposed to the weather elements.

Here are a few tips on how to best store your D8


1.  Store D8 flower in airtight glass jars

Generally, D8 is more stable than THC. However, when it is constantly exposed to air, it will undergo oxidation and transform to cannabinol over time. Therefore, it is essential to store it in airtight containers to make it keep for longer. Containers with a vacuum seal are also ideal.

Another helpful tip is to divide D8 into small sections before storage. It will prevent exposing all your D8 to light and moisture each time you want to take a dab or munch on an edible.


2.  Store away from direct light

Exposing D8 to direct sunlight will affect the potency. A good idea is to create a temporary “dark room” in a small space such as a cabinet where you can throw in your excess D8 products.


3.  Freeze D8 edibles

While freezing D8 flowers may not be a good idea, you can consider freezing excess edibles for up to six months. However, once you thaw your edibles, you will need to consume them ASAP.

Freezing should always be the last option. But with so much D8 to keep away, it can be a game-changer. Just don’t exceed six months!


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