How do you make Delta-8 flower?

Written by Colby McCoy

Delta-8 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a newly discovered cannabinoid derivative of Delta-9 THC, has quickly become all the rage within the cannabis industry and has begun to appear in a slew of products from tinctures to gummies to flower.

Specifically, Delta-8 flower has grown in popularity as a viable alternative to the highly psychoactive Delta-9 flower, which is primarily banned in states and municipalities lacking recreational cannabis legislation. How does one go about creating Delta-8 flower? Is a special seed needed to develop a Delta-8 cultivar? Or can it be grown with standard hemp seed? The answer is neither.

In general, Delta-8 cannabinoids are not grown but isolated from cannabis plants, making it a bit trickier. The term Delta-8 flower is misleading as there is no specific flower type in existence that purely consists of Delta-8. This rule applies to cannabidiol (CBD) flower, which in reality is not purely CBD. Instead, Delta-8 and CBD are specific cannabinoids found in varying concentrations within hemp flower, which is used in all non-THC products that are legal across the U.S.

Now that we have established Delta-8 flower by itself is nonexistent, how does one go about making it? The simplest and only way of creating Delta-8 flower is by isolating the cannabinoid first and then adding it to a standard hemp flower. There are various ways of separating Delta-8, but the end product will always appear as a concentration of distillate. Delta-8 distillates can be sprayed onto hemp flower to make it ‘Delte-8 flower,’ therefore, the cannabinoid is not grown from scratch as a whole flower but added as a component to hemp flower.

As we previously mentioned, this rule also applies to CBD flower, which in reality is hemp-based cannabis with high concentrations of CBD. When shopping for Delta-8 flower in the future, it would be wise to keep this in mind to avoid any confusion.

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