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Controversy Over Fake Delta 8 Carts and How to Avoid Them

Written by Lisa Rennie

Cannabis cartridges offer a more convenient way to consume cannabis compounds, including delta 8 THC, and to experience the effects faster than other modes of consumption, such as edibles.

But fake cartridges are infiltrating the cannabis industry, causing a certain degree of uncertainty among consumers. As carts become increasingly popular, those in the black market are taking advantage by selling counterfeit delta 8 carts. That means consumers purchasing from these vendors may not know exactly what they are actually vaping.

Unfortunately, the popularity of delta 8 carts makes it easier for merchants to sell them to consumers, especially those who live in states where cannabis is still illegal.

The question is, what is in these fake delta 8 carts? And how can you tell if your cart is fake or the real thing?

It’s impossible to know precisely what is in delta 8 carts if there is no packaging. And even if there is, the label may not be official if the product is not purchased from a licensed dispensary.

Legitimate companies typically sell products that come with third-party lab results, so consumers are provided with detailed information about what they are consuming. The same cannot be said about fake delta 8 carts sold outside of these official dispensaries.

The black market may, however, try its best to produce fake carts that appear real. These products may even come with packaging that mimics what would be found with a legitimate product, but may not be entirely truthful. At the very least, fake cannabis products may have significant issues with residual solvents and pesticides.

Some vendors may even go so far as to purchase empty cartridges from overseas with packaging branded “official,” then fill the cartridges with their own concentrates.

Third-party lab testing is crucial for all cannabis products, but it’s particularly important for delta 8 carts because of how these products are developed. If the delta 8 is being synthesized from CBD, many harsh chemicals must be used to extract it. These chemicals should be removed after the process is complete, but it requires plenty of know-how and expensive equipment to do so.

A third-party test will detail the contents of the product and whether or not these harsh chemicals have been completely removed. These labs must be unbiased and not be affiliated with the manufacturer. No product should be purchased that doesn’t come with a third-party lab test.

With the continued legality issues of cannabis on a federal level and across several states, fake delta 8 carts will continue to be a problem. Until then, it’s important to purchase cannabis products from licensed dispensaries that come with official third-party lab result reports.

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